Naughty Or Nice? Relive The Holidays With This Small-Business Tech Checklist – Above the Law

list-2389219_1280 (1)Yes, the holidays are technically over. But, they live inside of each of us throughout the year, right?

So we’re confident that releasing a naughty or nice list for technology for law firms will still be viable, even now. 

We took a little bit of a detour here on the Non-Eventcast podcast this time around, by inviting a non-lawyer service business owner onto the show, to talk about the tech he loves. 

Trust us, though: There are a lot of analogues for legal service in play, as we talked to Nick Briscoe, founder of Briscoe Economics Group.

I kick things off by talking to Nick about his career as an economist, and about how he works with law firms (2:41), before we get into how forensic economics even work (4:22). 

Nick then discusses how he uses Excel (5:15), and also how he recently adopted a law practice management software (7:38) — which even works for his business! 

Later, Nick addresses some of the other technology he uses in his business (10:00). 

Of course, Nick is using AI in his business, too, but with a twist — he generates unique AI images for his presentations, to make them more memorable (13:00), and talked to us about how he does it (14:40). 

Finally, Nick talks over how he uses ChatGPT to help him code software (16:44), and talks about how generative AI tools make that possible, even for non-coders (19:30).

Wanna check your tech list against ours? Now, there’s nothing stopping you — that is, if you listen to this episode of the Non-Eventcast podcast.

Jared Correia, a consultant and legal technology expert, is the host of the Non-Eventcast, the featured podcast of the Above the Law Non-Event for Tech-Perplexed Lawyers. 

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