Naughty dogs are the smartest

Badly behaved dogs are often the smartest, reported The Times. Katriina Tiira, from the University of Helsinki, has assessed about 5,000 dogs for traits such as logical reasoning and problem solving. She found a surprising pattern. “Intelligent dogs are not nicer pets,” she said. “Many people come to the test and they say, ‘I have huge problems in my daily life with this dog’ — and often the dog is at the high end of the cognitive results.”

Billionaire fined for speeding on his own island

A billionaire tech mogul was cautioned for speeding on his own Hawaiian island, reported The Telegraph. Larry Ellison, the seventh richest man in the world, admitted to breaking the law after running a stop sign and exceeding the speed limit. The officer involved was praised for enforcing the rules, despite Ellison owning 98% of Lanai and running it as his private fiefdom. Ellison bought 90,000-acre Lanai for £247m more than a decade ago. 

TV host locked King Charles in a toilet

A television presenter has admitted that she once locked King Charles in a toilet, reported the BBC. Alex Jones, the host of the One Show, said her fateful encounter with the then-future monarch happened during her first job as a researcher for a TV production company. She accidentally trapped Charles in the facility after locking it to prevent a smell from a nearby river coming through to the building. Jones said he was “lovely” and “just saw the funny side”.

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