NASA Perseverance landing time in UK, USA and India: What time will Mars rover land?

8.49pm GMT NASA expects the resistance put up by the Martian atmosphere to heat Perseverance’s heat shield to a scorching 1,300C (2,370F).

8.52pm GMT – Perseverance will deploy its supersonic parachute that will help slow the rover down a considerable amount, although not entirely. About 20 seconds later, Perseverance will jettison the heat shield, allowing it to scan the planet’s surface for a safe landing spot.

8.54pm GMT – The back half of the entry capsule will detach together with the parachute. Perseverance will then be free to engage the Skycrane – a jetpack-like device featuring eight rocket engines. The engines will slow the rover down to a leisurely 1.7mph.

8.55pm GMT – Skycrane will lower the rover to the planet’s surface on a set of nylon cables. Once Perseverance touches down, Skycrane will detach and fly off and crash a safe distance away.


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