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'My side hustle makes me an extra £400 in 11 days and anyone can do it'

Natalie, known as @starta2024businesswithme on TikTok, gave her money-making insights through a video shared on her account.

The TikTok creator explained she is determined to add an additional £75,000 to her earnings in 2024, frequently using her account to share valuable side hustle tips and tricks.

In her latest video, Natalie outlined her strategy for making money through dog walking, primarily using the Rover app.

The process involves setting up a free profile on the app, allowing pet owners to browse through potential dog walkers in their vicinity.

Over the past 11 days, Natalie has completed 13 drop-in visits (providing food for pets at their owners’ homes), 10 dog walks, and even a weekend of pet sitting, all contributing to her impressive earnings.

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Natalie attributed part of her success on Rover to the high concentration of dog owners in her local area.

She firmly believes that Rover will play a significant role in achieving her ambitious goal of earning an extra £75,000.

The seasoned money-maker shared that she typically schedules dog walks during her work lunch break, as many pet owners prefer their dogs to be exercised during the day.

Acknowledging the limitations of her full-time job, she noted that individuals with more flexible working hours could potentially earn even more through dog walking.

Natalie said: “I do think it’s achievable to be really successful on Rover, but it does really depend on where you live and the prices that you set”.


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