My joyous return to The West Wing | Brief letters

Re your report (GPs in England will scale back care to deliver Covid vaccines, 11 November), what happened to all the retired doctors who were called up at the start of the pandemic and then stood down? Surely this is a task that most of them could help with? Asking GPs to do all this work, when willing helpers are available, seems a waste of resources. I am a partly retired out-of-hours GP – I’m available.
Dr Mary Gibbs

A major benefit of the US election outcome is that I am able to binge-watch again my all-time favourite TV show, The West Wing, without feeling depressed and hopeless. I urge everyone to see it – I can’t think of a better way to fall in love with America again.
Hugh McAteer
Milton of Campsie, East Dunbartonshire

With just one professional football match on Monday (Oxford United v Northampton Town), I thought I’d read about my team, Northampton Town, nicknamed “the Cobblers”, in Tuesday’s Guardian. Nothing there, not even the result. Cobblers to you!
John Mann
Irchester, Northamptonshire

All these letters about turnips and swedes are confusing. To me, in Scotland, they’re all neeps. Although our family call the small, round, white ones nippy neeps.
Kirsty Devaney

Dr Milan Dagli (Letters, 10 November) said the Pfizer Covid vaccine “needs to be kept at a minimum of -70C”. In fact -70C is the maximum temperature at which it should be stored.
David Hitchin
Seaford, East Sussex

I’m used to being thrown off the scent by Picaroon (Guardian cryptic crossword 28,288, 11 November) but “Sir Keir Starmer” as the solution to “left-winger” really had me foxed.
Martin Brown


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