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My Hero Academia season 7: Complete guide to all seasons so far

Ever wanted to assume all the power in the world, especially when you have had weak moments in your life? Midoriya too had the same situation. We are discussing about a character in the anime show “My Hero Academia“.
Ever since its beginning in 2016, we are moving towards the final season. Now, for the beginners who are interested in watching this entire series before more comes out from Season 7 to My Hero Academia: You’re Next, things may be confusing. This holds true for any series. However, we have got you covered.
As you sit to binge watch, you will be introduced to the wonderful world of Toshinori, Deku and Shoto among others, as per a report on Dexerto.

Now let us get into the series. Here is the list in a particular order in which it was released:
• My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (OVA 3)
• My Hero Academia Season 1
• My Hero Academia- Save! Rescue Training (OVA 1)
• My Hero Academia- Season 2 (Episodes 1-20)
• My Hero Academia- Training of the Dead (OVA 2)
• My Hero Academia- Season 2 (Episodes 21-25)
• My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
• My Hero Academia- Season 3 (Episodes 1-14)
• My Hero Academia: Make it! Do or Die Survival Training Parts 1 and 2 (OVA 4 and 5)
• My Hero Academia: Season 3 (Episodes 15- 25)
• My Hero Academia: Season 4
• My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
• My Hero Academia: Season 5 (Episodes 1-18)
• My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball (OVA 7)
• My Hero Academia: Laugh! As if you are in Hell (OVA 8)
• My Hero Academia: Season 5 (Episodes 19-25)
• My Hero Academia: Departure (OVA 6)
• My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission
• My Hero Academia: Season 6

As it moves into the eighth year of entertaining it fans, the anime is extensive work of production and will take time to catch up for beginners and even those want to watch it again. However, before the new release, it is recommended to catch up on all that has transpired in the world of anime.

Where can you catch the series? Catch all the shows on Crunchyroll


Q1. Which anime show holds the record for being the longest ever anime produced till date?
Sazae Sun holds the Guinness world record for being the longest ever anime show produced. It produced over 7000 episodes.

Q2. Tsuyu Asui and Toro Hagakure: Something unique about them?
Did you know that they were not women always. They were initially men but then considering the gender imbalance in class 1-A, they became women. The producers changed their gender.

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