Muslim and Jewish orgs team up for press ads rejecting anti-Semitism

Most of the the UK’s national press will this week carry a striking full-page ad calling for a halt to anti-Semitism and encouraging debate, without hatred. 

Issued by the charity Muslims Against Anti-Semitism (MAAS), the ad calls for an end to those using the recent outbreak of hostilities in Gaza to vilify Jews or promote any such tropes. 

Headlined “Jews and Muslims. We’re on the same page,” it was produced in collaboration with the Jewish Leadership Council.

The ad’s long copy reads: “Today, we speak as one. At a time when emotions are running high over the desperate situation in the Middle East, Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred are spiking alarmingly across the world, and across each side of the political divide.” 

It adds: “Let us negotiate in good faith in search of a just solution… there are two words, one Arabic, one Hebrew, that share the same root. They both mean peace. Salaam. Shalom.” 

The ad ran in The Times today and will appear in The Guardian on Thursday, followed by the Daily Express on Friday. It will also run in the Daily MirrorDaily Mail, i, Metro, The Daily Telegraph and The Jewish Chronicle on dates to be confirmed. 

The campaign was initiated by MAAS, created by BE&R and placed by Fat Rhino Marketing and Communications. 

It was created by Matt Beaumont and Phil Reedy and all titles publishing it are running it for free. 

The ad follows a similar campaign in collaboration between MAAS and Fat Rhino in 2018, which stated: “We Muslims have one word for Jews. Shalom.” It was published at the start of Ramadan and followed a deadly week in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

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Though that campaign ran only in the Telegraph and Times, the sentiment spread worldwide with many sharing the images on social media. 

An Israel-Gaza ceasefire was declared on Friday after an 11-day military offensive in the Gaza Strip considered the worst violence in the region since 2014. In the fighting, Israel launched hundreds of air strikes against militant targets in Gaza, while Hamas and other militants fired more than 4,000 rockets in response. More than 250 were killed, the vast majority of them Palestinians. 

Thousands of people have since marched through central London in solidarity with Palestine. 

Amid this, the Community Security Trust (CST), which advises Britain’s estimated 300,000 Jews on security matters, said it had recorded 106 anti-Semitic incidences since May 8 compared wigh 19 in the 11 previous days. 

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government would support Britain’s Jewish community in any way it could amid a spike in occurrences of anti-Semitism, including an attack on a rabbi. 



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