Move with the times down electric avenue and switch to an e-car – The Times

Every budget day in recent years has seen motorists slowly but surely nudged closer to electric. This one was particularly marked, with an increase in fuel prices, a halving of the lowest VRT rate from 14% to 7%, and the removal of the VRT rebate for hybrids and plug-in hybrids — to encourage buyers towards fully electric vehicles (EVs).

The financial incentives are now such that — despite the relatively high purchase costs — anyone considering changing car should at least consider the prospect of going electric.

Cillian Darlington, a member of the Irish EV Owners Association, bought his EV second-hand three-and-a-half years ago. The Dubliner, who works in aviation and lives in east Clare, drives a Renault Zoe, which, he says, paid for itself


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