Most Brits WON’T be going on holiday to Greece due to lengthy coronavirus checks, says tourism minister

BRITS might not be going on holiday to Greece after all due to the lengthy coronavirus testing process upon entering, the Greek tourism minister has warned.

Tourism minister Harry Theoharis said the current restrictions on travellers from most UK airports meant it would be difficult for the majority of holidaymakers from Britain wanting to take a trip to the European country.

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Brits may not be able to go on holiday to Greece due to the lengthy coronavirus tests


Brits may not be able to go on holiday to Greece due to the lengthy coronavirus testsCredit: Reuters

Excluding a handful of airports – including London Southend, Bristol and Edinburgh – travellers will face a testing and quarantine arrangement when arriving in Greece until the UK’s coronavirus situation improves, he confirmed.

However, the process can take a few days, where travellers will be forced to quarantine even if it is negative.

Mr Theoharis told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “For the rest of the airports, testing is mandatory and for a certain amount of days you wait for the test results.

“If it is a negative result, then it is effectively a self-imposed quarantine of seven days but you can go ahead to your destination.

“If, however, it is a positive result then it is a supervised quarantine for longer than seven days.”

Greece is testing all incoming arrivals that come from high risk countries


Greece is testing all incoming arrivals that come from high risk countriesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

He added: “It does mean that there is an inconvenience in the first few days.

“That’s why this is not going to be for the masses. It has to mean you have more time.”

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Greece previously released a list of 29 countries which would be welcome to enter the country from June 15 – which didn’t include the UK.

In a dramatic U-turn, the country then confirmed that the UK could be included but would face the coronavirus tests upon landing.

While Greece is welcoming Brits, the UK government is yet to lower the lockdown in regards to travelling abroad with all non-essential travel still advised against.

Brits will also need to quarantine for two weeks when returning to the UK from Monday.

Greece hotels and luxury resorts are slashing their prices ahead of Brits returning this year to encourage holidaymakers to visit, with some offering half-price stays.

Some tour operators have dropped their package holiday prices by as much as 65 per cent.

Travel experts have warned of the risks, however, that not only will the trips not go ahead, but will also leave you out of pocket.

Greece’s Prime Minister says the country will open its doors to overseas holidaymakers from July 1
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