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“Innovative technologies transform business in Russia. To accelerate this process, we have created the Digital Business Space, a go-to venue for everyone involved in innovation. In two years it has hosted more than 700 events featuring representatives of largest companies. Our events follow a strict logic – we pick a market with a high potential for the adoption of innovation, organize a large-scale event with leaders of that market, and then offer all interested  persons to meet these leaders in an informal setting and talk with them about projects and get their advice,” said Alexey Parabuchev, CEO of the Moscow Agency of Innovations.

The key topic of the Supply Tech business breakfast was the state of the Russian e-commerce market. According to, this market has been growing annually by more than 20% for the last seven years, and in 2019, according to AKIT (the Association of Internet Commerce Companies), is expected to amount to more than 1.8 trillion rubles.

The participants of the business breakfast consider the development of marketplaces to be one of the drivers for this growth. Platforms focused on the local market have been launched by Ozon, Sberbank and Yandex; Alibaba, Megafon and Mail.Ru Group have announced the creation of a joint platform. At the same time, the global e-commerce giants, Tmall, eBay and Amazon are becoming ever more popular among entrepreneurs.

Studies confirm that online exports from Russia are growing. According to eBay and Data Insight, by the end of 2018, online retail exports from Russia increased by 36% and amounted to $746 million. At the same time, the contribution of medium-sized and small exporters trading through marketplaces increased from 15 % in 2016 to 36% at the end of 2018. The introduction of a simplified proof of the zero-rated VAT eligibility for retail exporters, scheduled for April 2020, can accelerate the growth of Russian exports.

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According to Alexey Parabuchev, the sharing of experience among experts, entrepreneurs and corporations plays a vital role in the development of innovative businesses and contributes to a higher share of exports from science-driven industries. “In 2020, the DBS team plans to welcome more than 10 thousand entrepreneurs and top managers at more than 100 events of various scale. Our job is to talk about innovations in business, automation, and technology and help Russian entrepreneurs create products that will generate demand on the federal and global levels,” said he.

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