Morehouse Parish Experiencing Flooding – Bastrop Daily Enterprise

Morehouse Parish has seen record rainfall over the past weekend, which has led to flooding in several areas as well as a number of road closures.

Bayou Bartholomew has risen over its banks since Saturday, February 23, causing much of the flooding. Parts of various roads are submerged with some spots reaching depths of six to eight feet.

Cain Road and Old Bonita Road are closed currently. Highway 425 and Bonner Ferry Road are still somewhat flooded and the water has receded on Knox Ferry and Old Berlin.

“Highway 425 has improved slightly and the Old Berlin Road is now open,” said Sheriff Tubbs. “We are in contact with the Department of Transportation and Development and are trying to keep the roads in use,” he said.

Due to the flooding, some have been unable to leave their homes and schools were closed Monday, February 25. Officers have received reports of 11 homes with water in them.

MPSD officers are out directing traffic. They are issuing citations for anyone violating restrictions.

“Do not drive around the barricades because the wake caused by vehicles is causing flooding in nearby residences,” said Sheriff Mike Tubbs. “Deputies will be issuing citations to drivers who drive through them”.

Bayou Bartholomew seems to have crested and the National Weather Service has stated that the bayou should start falling at the Highway 425 Bridge. It is hoped it will continue to recede through this week.

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More information can be found on the MPSD Facebook page.



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