Money Clinic podcast: Should I borrow to invest?

Accountant Peter knows that to grow a business you have to take on debt — but can he apply that same logic to his personal finances?

On this week’s Money Clinic podcast he tells presenter Claer Barrett how he is tempted to take out a bigger mortgage against his London flat and invest that money in a buy-to-let property — or even in the stock market.

Should you borrow to invest?

Claer Barrett and guests discuss whether you should ever leverage assets to finance investments. Listen here

Has Peter come up with a brilliant shortcut to make some extra money, or is his plan to leverage a recipe for disaster?

Personal finance expert and FT columnist Jason Butler stresses that debt is no shortcut to wealth, and the FT’s European economics commentator Martin Sandbu looks at recent consumer debt trends — and the tough questions lenders are likely to ask those remortgaging.

Claer and Jason will be live on Instagram on Tuesday May 18 at 7.30pm UK time, discussing the issues raised on this episode. If you would like to take part and ask questions, follow Claer @ClaerB or Jason @JBtheWealthman on Instagram.

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