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Monat is growing its business with a new collection that takes the inside route to improving one’s overall health and appearance. The Doral, FL-based firm has just rolled out a wellness assortment—a collection of powders, mixes and supplements focused around energy, digestion, beauty and sleep.
The latest launch follows on the heels of Monat’s successful expansion into skin care in 2019.
“We believe this is the natural evolution of the brand,” Stuart A. MacMillan, president of Monat, told Happi. “We started with the healthy hair revolution then moved to healthy skin. Full 360 health is where we are landing inside and out. We want to leverage our current position to be the leader in health and wellness.”

Stuart A. MacMillan

According to MacMillan, Monat had been eyeing wellness for a couple of years, but thought that introducing skin care was a more logical transition.
“Last year, we started looking at our customer and distributor base—analyzing who they were and what products they were using. We did some surveys with our base and were able to mesh that with what our scientific experts said were the key pillars to a health daily routine. In conjunction with Dr. [Brent] Agin of our Scientific Advisory Board, our Chief Science Officer Alan Meyers and several other accomplished executives within the wellness space, we began development in earnest mid last year. We worked not only with these professionals but with some other external labs in the Florida area.”
The result is a collection that addresses concepts from energy to sleep as well as products that are designed to help skin, hair and nails, too. That’s because despite everyone’s best effort to eat better, consumers’ diets are still lacking in nutrients and vitamins that they need to look their best.
“Despite advancements in technology and medicine we have seen a decline in our society’s overall health. Recent events have exposed the United States’ poor health and the drastic need for improvement. Over the last several years it has become obvious that nutritional products we formally considered supplements to a healthy diet are now requirements to our fragmented and poor dietary habits,” said Dr. Agin, a health aging expert and board-certified family medicine physician whose practice focuses on preventative medicine, hormone optimization and nutrition. 
For skin, hair and nails, Monat created Collagen Key, a vegan collagen-building support product in powder form that is formulated to fit with the company’s ingredient philosophy.
“Because Monat does not use animal based ingredients we do not have actual collagen in the product. We chose to use a vegan amino acid blend, vitamin C, biotin, methionine and bamboo (silica) to support the health and appearance of our hair, skin and nails. We also included hyaluronic acid to provide the hydration support and resveratrol for its antioxidant function,” Dr. Agin told Happi.
Additional SKUs that benefit skin include a drink mix called Monat Total Greens, billed as a superfood boost with a full spectrum of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable powders and dietary fiber to support energy, immune health and glowing skin, and Balance, a pre- and pro-biotic supplement that has dual-layer capsule technology and supports healthy digestion, immune and skin health.

Another product in the line is Monat Sleep Drops, described by officials as a soothing elixir of herbal extracts, amino acids and minerals that are said to help quiet the mind and relax the body so one can achieve deep and restorative sleep.


“Stress has disrupted sleep for many, which increases our risk for disease. Quality sleep is the key to our hormones and neurotransmitters that are essential for wellness,” Dr. Agin told Happi.


And a good’s night sleep can work wonders for how one feels when they look in the mirror.

Monat was ranked No. 35 in Happi’s 2020 Top 50 Report.



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