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The Ethereum blockchain token “Mollars” commenced its Initial Coin Offering [ICO] on Monday, November 21st, priced at US$0.30 per token, signaling significant ROI potential for crypto investors. Positioned as an alternative to Bitcoin, Mollars, a hybrid cryptocurrency, stands out for its store of value aspect and its launch a decade after Bitcoin’s introduction.

What are store of value tokens and coins?

Mollars, like Bitcoin, is designed to be a highly demanded store of value, with its founder abstaining from holding any tokens privately—a rarity in today’s crypto world where up to 99.5% of founders keep a personal token reserve. 

The Mollars whitepapers (view here) explicitly state that no development party will receive tokens; all tokens created by the founder and team will be released to the market and exchanges. 

Unique to Mollars, mirroring Bitcoin, is its full decentralization and the founder’s lack of ownership post-release, ensuring token longevity through created infrastructure and formulas without direct control.

Mollars To Yield +200% ROI To Investors Upon Uniswap Listing

The first exchange that Mollars will be listed on is Uniswap, the world’s #1 decentralized crypto exchange.  If the ICO reaches its goal of US$2-million dollars,  it will have a listing day price of US$0.62.  

The 62-cents listing would mean today’s first round ICO investors would get ROI Yields of over +200%. 

The price of listing day could be weaker if the US$2,000,000 milestone is not met with the Initial Coin Offering fundraise.   

With 15,661 tokens sold since its debut on November 21st,  the new ICO listing is averaging a daily buy rate of just over 2,610 tokens.   At this rate it would take the Initial Coin offering a substantial amount of time to complete. However,  the ‘buzz’ is building and that daily buy rate is expected to increase by multiples within this week.

Another reason users will likely begin buying more is the crypto token’s founder’s recent release of the white paper and mission statement.  One of those statements include a ‘catalyst’ to expand the Mollars brand via product.

Mollars ICO Will Yield +200% ROI To Investors By 2024 Or Higher

These claims by the new ERC-20 token’s developers have left some analysts to believe today’s first round ICO investors could generate more than just the typical listing day gains.

As the Mollars token is being offered [buy here] at US$0.30-cents today, it will list on a major crypto exchange in second quarter 2024 for US$0.625 — but the WEB3 product could send it higher.  

Many new tokens see +700% gains when listed on new Cryptocurrency Exchanges but having an actual product could lift the token past the US$1.875 value mark.

If $Mollars reaches US$1.875, first round ICO investors would reap yields of well over +600%.  

ICO & Tokenomics

Specifics for the ICO launch and post-listing plans are outlined, with 4,500,000 tokens set to be sold in 4 funding rounds. The token price will incrementally increase each round.

First-round investors can buy $Mollars at US$0.30. After selling 200,000 tokens, the second round commences, quickly due to limited availability.

The second round’s price is US$0.40, limited to 300,000 tokens, followed by a price increase in the third round. In this round, 700,000 $MOLLARS tokens will be available, coinciding with a preview of Mollars’ web3 product.

The fourth round’s price is US$0.50. While the ROI for early investors after listing on a decentralized exchange will be less than previous rounds, it still promises to surpass recent yields from Gold and Platinum.

The 5th and 6th rounds will see the token price increase by US$0.05 each, reaching US$0.55 and US$0.60, respectively. The total crypto presale will involve 4,000,000 cryptocoins.

Post-ICO, $MOLLARS will quickly appear on a top exchange with an initial price of US$0.625 and a liquidity pool of over $1-million. This positioning is expected to boost its visibility and attract new traders.

Learn more about the ICO and this new hybrid token at www.Mollars.com.

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