MNRE issues clarification for phase II of the solar rooftop programme

NEW DELHI: The Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) issued a clarification on Thursday regarding the second phase of the solar rooftop programme, for which it provides Central Financial Assistance (CFA).

Meant for the residential sector, the CFA is provided at a 40% of the benchmark cost, or the cost discovered through the transparent bidding by the implementing agency- whichever is lower for rooftop systems. The CFA is applicable up to a capacity of 3 kW.

For a total system capacity beyond 3 kW but up to 10 kW, CFA is provided at 20% of the benchmark cost, or again through transparent bidding. For group housing societies (GHS) or residential welfare associations (RWA), the CFA will be limited to 20% for solar rooftop plants for supply of power to common facilities.

“However, the capacity eligible for CFA for GHS/RAW will be limited to 10 kW per house with maximum total capacity upto 500 kWp, inclusive of RTS put in individual houses in the GHS/RWA,” said the clarification from MNRE.

The distribution companies will also serve a crucial part in the implementation of the programme. The MNRE said that the discoms should be prepared for quality measures as prescribed, and quality checks be conducted if deemed necessary by the Ministry.

The phase II of the solar rooftop programmed was initiated in August last year, with an aim of achieving cumulative capacity of 40,000 MW through solar rooftop projects by 2022.


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