Mizoram govt wants to tie up with global entrepreneurs in organic movement: C Lalrinsanga

C. Lalrinsanga, Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of Mizoram said government is looking forward to tie up with global entrepreneurs in the organic movement. We have also established Organic Markets to help farmers sell their produce at fair prices and become economically profitable. We also provide incentives and financial assistance to deserving and needy farmers.

International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) and Tefla’s had organised Organic Food India Conclave – OFIC 2019 over the weekend in Mumbai.

C. Lalrinsanga, said, “Our Government is focused on Organic farming since 1990s and The Mizoram Organic Farming Bill-2004 was unanimously passed by the Mizoram Legislative Assembly in July 2004, and since then I have supported only organic farming techniques like vermiculture, composting, use of crop residue, animal manures, green manures, off-farm organic wastes to supply organic manures like Neem cake, Celrich, etc. to the needy farmers to supplement their plant nutrient requirement, crop rotation incorporating legumes and use of Bio-Fertilizers, Organic manures, biological pest control to maintain soil productivity. I personally ensure regular training to the farmers as well as regular audits by certifying agencies. Mission Organic Value Chain Development for Northeast East Region (MOVCD-NER) is implemented in the region and is focusing on the cultivation of tea, turmeric, ginger and also Mizo Chili which has received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.”

It was stressed that companies need to build trust that their products are organic. “The consumer is sometimes confused about the authenticity of the product being organic or not and to overcome this challenge we must ensure that the organic product pricing is same or less than that of the non organic products. Presently the companies have to build trust that their products are organic and back it up by certification from recognised agencies,” said Vijay Sardana, SEBI, Public Interest Director – MSE.

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“ICCOA is currently managing over 65000 hectares and working with 110,000 farmers in Organic Projects across sixteen states in India. The organic revolution is an opportunity for rural enterprises to cater to the market needs and grow multifold in coming years,” said Manoj Kumar Menon, Executive Director, ICCOA.



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