Mini plans Minor revival, new EV hot hatch and larger SUV

No technical details of the new Mini Minor have emerged yet, but if it does use a Heat drivetrain, the expected output will be around 135bhp. The car’s small size and relatively low kerb weight suggest it will accommodate a battery of about 35kWh capacity and have a 170-mile best-case range.

A BMW insider suggested that the typical average use of 23 miles per day would allow a city-based driver a full working week’s worth of use without recharging.

The next move in BMW’s launch schedule will be to replace today’s Mini range, the process of which is expected to start at the beginning of 2023. Most of the attention concerning the successors to the 3-Door, 5-Door and Clubman will go on design, inside and out, and further improving the car’s packaging.

Mini design chief Oliver Heilmer revealed in a recent interview that the nextgeneration Minis will be based on a new platform. Dubbed FAAR, it will be used for BMW’s natively front-driven vehicles and adaptable for pure ICE, plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

Heilmer said he is looking to move away from the current Mini design language and recapture the simplicity of the original Mini, which, he believes, has been lost over the past 20 years. Heilmer said one of his foremost tasks with the Mk4 Mini is to reduce the size of the front overhang, something he sees as pivotal to the major design overhaul – including the innovative use of foam as a crash element in order to shorten the Mini’s nose.


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