Minda Corporation partners Ride Vision to bring collision avoidance technology in Indian 2-wheeler market

on Thursday said it has partnered with Israel-based firm Ride Vision for introducing the latter’s collision avoidance technology in the two-wheeler market in the country. Ride Vision offers a range of AI (artificial intelligence)-enabled collision avoidance technology (CAT) products.

Roads in India are known to be very busy with numerous vehicle types, unique road behaviour and challenging maneuverability and Ride Vision’s CAT has been uniquely built to address these challenges, specifically for two- and three-wheelers, Minda Corporation Ltd, the flagship company of Spark Minda, said.

“We are happy to partner with Ride Vision to introduce technology that will make a difference to the life of 2- wheeler riders and will help in achieving the objective of zero road fatality,” said Ashok Minda, Chairman and Group CEO, Minda Corporation.

The product offers multiple features including alerts such as forward collision, distance keeping, blind spot, dangerous overtake, auto-video recording, among others, which help the rider to react in real-time to critical threats and avoid accident and injury while on the road, according to a release.

The company said its nation-wide reach and strong market share will make sure the product is successfully incorporated to the Indian market both as integrated into new motorbikes and in the aftermarket, to help fight the two-wheeler accident and fatality statistics.

Going forward, the company will focus on introducing new products, technologies and system solutions in electronics, light weighting and electric mobility space organically and inorganically, said Minda.

“Motorbike riders in India will be safer on roads as through this partnership with Spark Minda, we will introduce the first localised Ride Vision’s collision avoidance product that fits the needs and budget of the Indian market,” Uri Lavi, CEO and Co-founder of Ride Vision.

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