Milwaukee pursuit, crash at Hart Auto, 2nd in 2 months – FOX 6 Milwaukee

Four people were arrested when a police pursuit ended in a crash at Hart Auto near 76th and Villard in Milwaukee Monday evening, April 25. 

On Feb. 2, eight cars were totaled off Hart Auto’s lot. On Monday night, two vehicles were damaged, including an employee’s.

The owner said it’s getting frustrating as teens have been involved with seemingly no regard for others’ lives.

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“I’ve been here over 23 years, and it seems like the last two to three years, one accident after another,” said Larry Rowell, owner of Hart Auto.

Caught on camera Monday night, a car barreled through oncoming traffic, heading west on Villard before crashing into a gold SUV. The SUV then rolled backward as two people ran from the fleeing car through Rowell’s car lot. Rowell got a call from a friend.

“He says, ‘Larry, that could’ve been my lot!’” said Rowell. “‘They went right past my lot!’”

Milwaukee police said officers were watching some suspected drug dealers near 76th and Vienna when they hopped in a car and sped off, didn’t pull over and crashed two miles away.

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“I started to hear the crashes, and it was like, a never-ending crash,” said Christine Gaspardo, Hart Auto clerk. “I stood up and I thought, ‘Oh my God, another one.’”

Gaspardo’s car was damaged when the SUV backed over the curb, hitting hers and another in the lot. It was another blow for Gaspardo after her cancer diagnosis last week.

“What’s the goal?” said Gaspardo. “Because ultimately, the goal is you are going to destroy and hurt lives. Not just yours, but you are going to destroy and hurt other people’s lives.”

Nearly three months ago, an SUV stolen in an armed robbery was being chased by police when it hit a car and fire hydrant, launched into the air and crashed into cars in the lot. A 17-year-old was arrested in that incident.

“Most of it is young people,” said Rowell. “Most of them are teenagers.”

Rowell said he’s frustrated.

“Why ain’t the parents educating these teenagers about what could happen? At least the loss of life, even,” said Rowell.

Police said four males were arrested in Monday’s pursuit and crash, ages 27, 24 and 17. “Several people” were taken to the hospital. 


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