Microsoft's new Surface Duo 2 Android phone goes on sale… just don't look at the price

Microsoft’s first Surface Duo wasn’t exactly a blockbuster hit with this Android-powered device getting some pretty lukewarm reviews when it launched last year. Despite a very unique slimline design, most criticised it for having lacklustre performance, a poor camera and buggy software.

Now Microsoft is hoping to right many of the wrongs of that original smartphone with the launch of the new Duo 2.

This folding phone was first revealed last month and now it’s arriving in stores with Microsoft selling it directly from its website and EE offering contracts exclusively on its UK network.

Now before we talk about that all-important price let’s remind you of what is included on the Surface Duo 2 with this device getting upgraded 8.3-inch PixelSense dual screens which now feature speedy 90Hz technology for smoother scrolling.

Then there’s the addition of a triple-lens camera on the rear case that offers portrait mode and 2X optical zoom. If you love snapping mini-movies this camera can also film footage in pin-sharp full 4K quality.

Head under the glass body and you’ll find the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor which is one of the fastest brains currently available for Android and the Duo 2 can now access 5G data speeds which allow owners to download files at speeds in excess of 300Mbps.

Other nice extras include improved compatibility with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, plus you can easily play Xbox games right on the device with one screen being transformed into a mini controller whilst the other shows the action.

Like before, this device runs on Android so there’s full access to all the millions apps available on Google’s Play Store.

So that’s all that is new but this upgrade does come at a price with Microsft wanting fans to part with £1,349 of their hard-earned cash to own one. Ouch!

Even on contract things aren’t cheap with EE’s deals starting from £77 per month which only includes 4GB of data.

If you want a decent amount of monthly internet access on the move then you’ll need to pay £90 for unlimited data.

If that hasn’t put you off then the Duo 2 is available now.

Speaking about the Surface Duo 2 at its launch last month, Pete Kyriacou, VP, Microsoft Devices, said “Designed to showcase the power of Microsoft 365 in your pocket, Surface Duo brings dual-screen productivity and entertainment with you wherever you go. When Surface Duo launched last year, we pushed the boundaries of what a mobile device could be. With Surface Duo 2, we’re pushing that vision even further while offering the core capabilities people expect from a modern premium smartphone.”


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