Michelle Brasier: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

Ah yes, the internet. A dreamspace. A wonder of technology. A glorious vehicle for my ex to write on my Facebook wall, “I drew you a bunch of sick skeletons and astronauts but the trams are down in Bundoora so I’ll come deliver them tomorrow. Stay cool,” instead of visiting me in hospital and then using that very same internet to disappear for four years. She is many things, the great W Dot. Let me draw you a warm bath of my favourites.

1. Chris Fleming’s song about Sick Jan

Chris Fleming is one of those polarising geniuses. He continues to make music when it is definitely not in his skillset. Despite this, he has created this Meatloaf-esque power ballad about an accountant with a cough.

We could both go to jail!

This is an anthem. Throw your damn hands up. His “Company’s coming” video is also a treat.

2. Cher doing West Side Story and playing all the parts

I mean, it’s exactly what it says on the box. She feels pretty, she’s a Jet, she’s a Shark, and she is both halves of a forbidden love.

‘I will be playing all the parts!’

There is a lot we can learn here about loving ourselves.

3. This woman who is afraid of owls

‘I am deathly afraid of owls.’

The editing on this is so good. The rhythm of this comedy is almost like a song. The kids are spot on too. Oh my god I love this video. The way she says “They only live at night” is *chef’s kiss* perfect. You should also check out the Hello My Name Is series if you enjoy this as much as me.

4. This corporate statement of apology

Honor Wolf and Patrick Durnan Silva are Hot Department. It was so hard to decide which video to feature because they are all perfect and also because they are highly explicit and I wasn’t sure what would be allowed through the gates.

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Their comedy is best described as chaotically horny. Check out Honor Wolf and Hot Department on Instagram and TikTok for the full suite. They have a porn parody called Stepmom Blues on YouTube that you can watch at your own risk.

5. All these people singing ‘Christopher Columbus!’

There is a bit in the song Astonishing from the musical of Little Women where the character stops singing and says very dramatically, “Christopher Columbus!”, before belting her absolute tits off. It is the essence of what people love and hate about musicals.

‘I’ll shout and start a riot / Be anything but quiet…’

This supercut of people really giving it for just that bit is so funny to me and may mean nothing to you but this is my article.

6. This dog

I do not have TikTok but this dog is so funny it made me download the app.

Excuse me sir, are you all right?

He goes to bark without realising he is underwater and dogs aren’t made to drink this way. He’s fine, I know this because my dog does this all the time.

7. Maria Bamford and John C Reilly doing what they do best

Are you pretty or ugly?

The way she screams “Noooooo!” every time he comes near her. What a perfect little dream.

8. Jude Perl’s ode to the high school crush

Jude has such a great voice. I’m a sucker for musical comedy. Jude dancing around Broden Kelly’s Hamish is so sweet and cringey. Jude is the most underrated person in Australia.

Musical comedy.

If you enjoyed this, also check out Gillian Cosgriff.

9. Laura Dern

Jordan Firstman’s impressions on Instagram are world class so I wasn’t surprised to learn that he wrote this incredible song.

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The way Laura Dern reacts as she slowly realises what is happening is so sweet I don’t know if I want her to be my wife or my mum.

10. The best freestylers in the world


It’s obvious that Aunty Donna rule the internet comedy space but everyone knows we are friends so I didn’t want to put them in for fear of being biased. Unfortunately the perfection of Montaigne’s soaring vocals and their rambling verses has forced my hand and so now you have to watch this.

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