Michael Sheen mocks ITV announcer over 'Martin' mix-up

Michael Sheen has mocked an ITV continuity announcer for mixing him up with his fellow actor Martin Sheen by switching his name on Twitter to that of the Hollywood star.

The blunder apparently happened when the channel introduced the second instalment on Tuesday of its new mini-series, Quiz, in which the Welsh actor plays the presenter Chris Tarrant.

After switching his Twitter name to that of the star of Apocalypse Now and The West Wing, Sheen tweeted: “Hey ITV the least you can do is get my name right in your trailers FFS.”

martin sheen

Hey @ITV the least you can do is get my name right in your trailers FFS.

April 14, 2020

The apparent mistake prompted amusement among fellow Twitter users.

Sheen has carved out a successful TV and film career giving impressively accurate portrayals of real-life people, including Kenneth Williams in Fantabulosa, football manager Brian Clough in The Damned United, David Frost in Frost/Nixon, and former prime minister Tony Blair twice, in The Deal and The Queen.

The writer Caitlin Moran wrote: “ITV announced him as ‘Martin Sheen’. But to be fair, he’s such a powerful and elastic actor he could probably do a better Martin Sheen than Martin Sheen.”

Another Twitter user said: “Such an acting chameleon. You’re confusing everyone, my love.”

Quiz tells the story of the infamous 2001 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? cheating scandal.


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