Michael Bolton wants you to break up with your brokerage

It’s hard to know when to call the top in this crazy market isn’t it? But surely, surely, this has to be some kind of indicator:

Yes that’s a new ad featuring Michael Bolton, from Public.com, the stock trading app that, unlike all the other stock trading apps, is “on the mission to open the stock market to everyone by making it inclusive, educational, and fun”. (We think they might have meant “on a mission” but we guess after splashing out on Michael Bolton they didn’t have anything left for a copy-editor.) Its investors and advisors include NFL star JJ Watt, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, and Will Smith.

You might think the choice of a 67-year-old crooner to lure the kids away from Robinhood was a touch surprising, and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. But can you honestly watch that video and then tell us that it doesn’t, just, work?

Who said trading stonks couldn’t be damn sexy?


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