Meteor shower tonight: Best time to see the Quadrantids meteor shower in the UK tonight

How to watch the 2021 Quadrantids meteor shower:

Hunting for meteors, like much of astronomy, is a game where patience is a virtue.

As a result, it is best to use a comfortable chair and to wrap up warm, as you should expect to be outside in the cold for a long time.

The 2021 Quadrantids can be viewed with the naked eye, meaning there is no need for expensive binoculars or telescopes.

However, astronomers stress you will need to allow your eyes to adjust to the dark.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich said in a statement: “For the best conditions, you want to find a safe location away from street lights and other sources of light pollution.

“The meteors can be seen in all parts of the sky, so it’s good to be in a wide open space where you can scan the night sky with your eyes.”


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