Mercer expands footprint in the Middle East, acquires Talent Enterprise – People Matters

Mercer, a global HR consulting firm, has announced the acquisition of The Talent Enterprise (TTE), a talent assessment technology platform based in the United Arab Emirates.

With this acquisition, the HR consulting subsidiary of Marsh McLennan has further strengthened its presence in the Middle East. “Subject to regulatory approval, the acquisition will expand Mercer’s workforce and HR transformation capabilities at a time when businesses are growing their workforces and require skilled talent,” the company stated in an official announcement on November 23, 2023.

The talent assessment tools, grounded in advanced and robust technologies, along with capability development solutions offered by The Talent Enterprise, empower organizations to make critical decisions about their people. The HR Tech firm currently boasts a team of 55 experts, including organizational psychologists, human capital professionals, data scientists, and technology experts, providing comprehensive expertise spanning career guidance, recruitment, talent management, succession planning, and workplace well-being.

Through this acquisition, the global consulting firm will extend its services in shaping the recruitment processes of organizations, offering high-potential identification, coaching, leadership development, and succession processes with the effective use of standard assessment tools and platforms.

Commenting on the acquisition, Tarek Lotfy, President of Mercer India, Middle East, and Africa said, “The Talent Enterprise’s suite of services and insights are critically important to organizations today, many of which are pursuing workforce transformations and need people development, upskilling, and reskilling tools to remain relevant and competitive. This move will expand our ability to help clients shape their recruitment, enhance potential identification and coaching, and boost leadership development and succession processes through the use of proprietary assessment tools and platforms.”

David Jones, the CEO of The Talent Enterprise, added, “Along with my Co-Founders, Radhika Punshi, and Gauri Gupta, I am thrilled by this significant milestone in our journey to offering enhanced technology-led talent solutions to our rapidly growing client base. Through Mercer, we will be perfectly positioned to meet growing market demands and empowered to offer the solutions that will attract, retain, and develop the best talent for our clients. Our tools and techniques assess and provide a multi-dimensional view of an individual’s ‘markers,’ such as personality, strengths, motivation, cognition, emotion, expressed behaviours, emergent leadership attributes, authenticity, as well as congruence between verbal and non-verbal communication.”