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The MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine healthcare conference earlier this month drew together healthcare and life science executives spotlighting many topics tied to precision medicine. In a series of videos from the virtual conference, we highlight some of these compelling conversations.

Healthcare startups are an important part of MedCity’s events. In the Life Science track of the Pitch Perfect contest, six companies presented an overview of their businesses and also answered questions from judges.

Biomeme’s end-to-end mobile platform empowers users to take real-time PCR everywhere they need it, from sample collection to data management.

The company started out by creating the first iPhone add-on capable of performing molecular diagnostics. Since its inception, Biomeme has used advanced biology and chemistry along with world-class hardware and software engineering to create elegant solutions to complex problems. Over the years its team has grown, and along the way Biomeme has built the leading mobile molecular diagnostics platform.

CEO: Max Perelman

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

EpiVario is a preclinical stage biotechnology company that is developing neuroepigenetic modulators to treat memory related psychiatric disorders. The company’s newly discovered epigenetic regulatory mechanism provides a target for treating memory-related neuropsychiatric disorders, since it plays a critical role in consolidating trauma-induced fear and stress responses, in addition to cue-induced craving that underlies various addiction disorders. Based on this paradigm-shifting finding, EpiVario is developing pharmacotherapeutics to treat anxiety and addiction disorders, including PTSD and alcohol use disorder.

CEO: Thomas Kim

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

Gregor Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company focused on developing a new screening test for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer screening has been a hotly debated topic over the last two decades because of the overdiagnosis and overtreatment caused by current screening methods. Gregor is developing a better solution that can limit these issues, while still saving men from this deadly disease.

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CEO: Tobias Zutz

Headquarters: Madison, WI

SOLUtion is an early-stage life science company developing more patient friendly drug delivery systems for reconstitutable drugs. We specifically aim to improve the administration efficacy of life-saving injectable medication with our TwistJect auto-injector for people living with adrenal insufficiency including Addison’s Disease and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

CEO: Julia Anthony

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

Stingray Therapeutics is an immune oncology company leading the charge to bring the next generation of new immune oncology agents forward. Today, all our immune oncology therapeutics are in only one arm of the immune system – adaptive immunity. But the immune system has two major arms that synergistically work together, adaptive and innate immunity. The company’s program in innate immunity inhibits the direct negative regulator of the major pathway, adding innate immunity into the fight against cancer, and has the promise of making immune oncology therapy dramatically more effective.

CEO: Jonathan Northrup

Headquarters: Houston, TX

TrialSpark is a technology company that helps bring treatments to patients faster.

Today, clinical trials are the bottleneck to bringing life-saving treatments to patients. Trials are slow, inefficient, and expensive. TrialSpark believes that it can use technology to accelerate the pace of clinical trials and bridge the gap between medical research and patients who need treatment.

Client Growth Director: Joe Zaccaria

Headquarters: New York, NY


Wayne Barz is Chief Investment Officer, Ben Franklin Technology Partners – Northeast PA

Rena Rosenberg is a Partner with Robin Hood Ventures

To find out who won, click here.

To learn how to apply for the Pitch Perfect contest at INVEST 2021, click here. 

Featured Photo: phive2015, Getty Images


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