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Hanoi, Vietnam, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MBIDEFI, the first DeFi project to integrate a stock split model with blockchain, has rolled out the token sale of its native digital asset ‘DGRC’ within its decentralized exchange. The sale commenced on September 20 and will follow stock split tokenomics to balance demand and supply while maintaining the value of DGRC tokens. This initiative, like any other DeFi ecosystem, also leverages the aspect of decentralization to eliminate third parties.

However, the MBIDEFI underpinnings on demand and supply tokenomics introduce a distribution formula whose prevalence is mostly in traditional markets. The stock split model will be used to determine the rate at which DGRC tokens will be released in the ongoing token sale. Basically, the DGRC tokens will be split to increase their number after every sale round; this approach will ensure that prospective token buyers can acquire a share while the earlier entrants get more coins as a result of the downward denomination. 

With a total issuance of 6,000,000 DGRC tokens, more than 80% will be sold via the MBIDEFI decentralized exchange. This process will be initiated by the DGRC host who will divide the original tokens into 40 price blocks, ranging between $0.2-$0.4. Prospects can then place bid and ask spreads once they have acquired the DRGC native digital asset. As for the stock split process, it will be triggered after the first DGRC token sale round with the split ratio set to be determined by a prediction machine.

Interestingly, the MBIDEFI ecosystem is built on Tron blockchain and is therefore one of the pioneer DeFi projects to build on the platform. Its users will be able to access blockchain functionalities not limited to automated smart contracts as they navigate through the MBIDEFI products; they include a stock exchange, dividends pool, gaming integration and a governance coin dubbed ‘Mcoin’. A digital currency storage ‘Mwallet’ with borrowing and lending features is also in the pipeline.  

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The ‘Mcoin’ governance token will enable MBIDEFI users to interact with its products seamlessly while repeating the benefits of contributing to the network. For starters, Mcoin will be used to pay out the dividends from MBIDEFI’s dividend pool as well as interest earned from lending or borrowing in the decentralized exchange. Other incentives that this governance token will facilitate include referral commissions and the process of governing itself, the former initiative has been allocated 9 million Mcoins while the latter enjoys 3 million, and 5.4 million MCoins will go for token sell. Users can join the project’s community here.

Media contact information
Name: Ms. Lin Rong
Company name: MBI Financial Management International Group
Email: info@mbidefi.io
Website: mbidefi.io
Telegram group: https://t.me/MBIDEFISupportGroup



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