Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert gives important advice on energy bill crisis

Money-Saving Expert Martin Lewis has revealed which comparison sites Briton should avoid getting the cheapest energy tariffs. As the UK experiences rising prices for gas and electricity amid the energy bill crisis, Mr Lewis warned that not all comparison sites offer customers the full market list of available providers. He explained on LBC that due to the way comparison sites make money from people switching, not all tariffs are clearly visible. 

Mr Lewis told James O’Brien on LBC: “Look comparison sites make their money by being paid to switch people.

“Now that includes Money Saving Expert although what we have always done is we basically split it so we give you 25 percent cashback.

“Rather than doing what other providers do which is they hide tariffs which don’t pay them.

“So by default you won’t see those.”

He continued: “I have always said we will show all tariffs.

“But we will give you some cashback that pushes the ones that give us money higher up the table.

“So it is a win-win.

“But at the moment virtually no companies are paying comparison sites to switch.

He added: “Or you have Cheap Energy Club which by default is always whole of the market.

“You will always see all tariffs unless you choose to filter them out, certain things like that.

“So when you are doing a comparison don’t assume you’re being shown the cheapest in the market.

“Because the cheapest in the market are the ones who don’t pay comparison websites right now.”


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