Martin Lewis issues ‘last chance’ warning on payment holidays

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, has provided a countless amount of support to people right across the country who may be worried about their finances or need a helping hand.  Many families are struggling to restructure their finances amid the COVID-19 crisis. After several months of chaos, people are attempting to navigate the fallout from lockdown, and what this will mean for their lives going forward.

“But these extra measures are likely to go on your credit file, and we expect this to be confirmed by next week.”

Mortgage holidays are just one form of support the government has offered.

However, after being taken up by millions of households, it is clear the measure has provided invaluable support.

Those who do need the form of support, however, are urged to act fast to meet the deadline Martin mentioned. 

As payment holidays are traditionally three months long, applying by this deadline could mean people receive a mortgage holiday which lasts just into 2021. 

However, as Martin also mentioned, the FCA has suggested tailored support for mortgage holders once payment holidays come to an end.

This form of more specific assistance is likely to be targeted towards a person’s individual circumstances.

For those who are struggling with payments, there is help at hand.

As Martin suggested, reaching out to a lender is often the first port of call.

This is because lenders are legally required to do as much as they possibly can to help a person meet their mortgage payments.

They are likely to be able to discuss payments with a household to work out an arrangement that suits everyone.

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This may involve extending the length of a term or shifting the requirements of a loan to ensure a family can keep up. 

Other information can also be gained from debt advice charities who are always on hand to provide impartial and often free help to those who need it most. 

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