Manisha Kelkar introduces the All-New Mahindra Thar


If you ask yourself, ‘what is common between acting and racing?’, you might think of Manisha Ram Kelkar. But those who follow the sport of Formula 4 Racing, would answer, ‘great teamwork, where everyone plays their part to the tee.’ Manisha Kelkar, a performer, dancer, animal lover, fitness freak, and adventure seeker, is an established actor in Marathi and Hindi film industry. Unlike most, she shifted gears to pursue her passion for racing. And lo and behold, she found her defining persona in the All-New Thar, the iconic 4×4 SUV from Mahindra.

Is it fine to equate the iconic, tough, and aesthetically designed Off-Roader (which actually could be an excellent SUV for city roads too) with the presenter of the Car Review show? Yes. Because they are tough when they change gears and bounce back to establish their passion when met with reversal on/off the road. Manisha met with an accident two years ago, which kept her in bed for a year, and now, she is back. Let’s think of the New Thar. The moment you look at it, you fall in love with its timeless looks, and when you drive it, the SUV rolls with comfort and energy. When the road gets turbulent, the drive gets better, because it exudes confidence. Every turn, every shift in the Mahindra’s new 2.0 L engine, proximate the comfort and style of the driver. In every terrain, the Thar comes on top with its massive 18-inch wheels and super smooth, height-adjustable steering wheels. No bumps through slush, potholes, or sand. The Thar will see you through…

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That is when you truly believe that beauty and strength are so much an internal thing. The interior of the Thar 2020 has so many features, not to speak of its adjustable, ergonomically designed seats, the infotainment system with almost every function, the overhead speakers, and overall driving comfort (with light controls), that the only thing that beats it, is its price tag. If you care for the hardtop or the convertible top, for the hills of the desert, for the city or long drives —Thar would deliver with aplomb.

What defines India of today? What comes out of tradition to reshape notions of modernity? The Mahindra Group. Mahindra & Mahindra, which had entered automotive manufacturing in 1949 to assemble the iconic Willys 4×4 has now introduced the All-New Thar-2020 in a vibrant new look on their 75th Anniversary of the Mahindra Group founded in 1945. It’s an experience, absolutely different!

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