Man City star Kevin de Bruyne taunts Liverpool as Pep Guardiola issues plane chant apology

The midfielder chose the eve of the FA Cup Final against Watford to display their uncompromising side just days after they were criticised for goading the Reds with a terrace song on a flight back from Brighton.

And while he accepted Liverpool produced a “remarkable effort” to take 97 points, he insisted they were simply second best behind an “incredible” City outfit.

“No I don’t have sympathy. It’s a remarkable effort, but it means that we were just better than them in the end,” De Bruyne said.

“I don’t feel sorry for them, because I don’t think they’d feel sorry for us.

“I don’t think anybody felt sorry about the way we went out of the Champions League.

“You take it. We’d feel the same if it happened to us. But we’re still competitors.

“We want to win as much as they do, but I can understand the feelings they have.

“It’s the general view of athletes. You feel compassionate with other teams, but in the end the most important thing is, if you play an individual sport, it’s yourself, and when it’s your team, it’s your team.

“It’s been a great battle. But feel ‘sorry’ for them is maybe going a little too far.”

Manager Pep Guardiola, whose side can land an unprecedented treble of both domestic cups and the league title on Saturday afternoon, elaborated on the same theme admitting that Manchester City’s success is likely to turn the neutrals against them in the future.

“People don’t like winners. Here, in Spain, in Italy. Everywhere. If my theory is true maybe in the future people don’t like us,” he said.

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“But we are satisfied for ourselves and the people who are working every day for the club, our families and our real friends. We live with these people.

“The other people can comment whatever they want. The important thing is being satisfied with what we have done.”

City have had to circle the wagons this week in the aftermath of their Premier League triumph.

UEFA cleared the way to penalise the club for alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play and there was also criticism of the behaviour of some of their players and staff on a flight back from Brighton after an anti-Liverpool song was sung and posted on social media.

Guardiola reiterated his stance about the FFP situation and threat of a ban from Champions League competition but also apologised if anyone had taken offence from the footage.

“Do you think someone can just for one second imagine that we could be thinking about tragedies involving Liverpool people? It is incredible,” he said.

“We were happy for ourselves… and if someone was offended for another issue, I am sorry, I apologise. But it was never the intention. We were celebrating because of ourselves.”

With regard to UEFA, Guardiola said: “If we did something wrong or UEFA decides that we have done something wrong ok we’ll be banned, we will be punished or whatever they decide but we are innocent right now.

“I know the people are waiting for [us to be] guilty right now but we are innocent today. We’ll see in the future.”

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