Making Waves in the Entrepreneurial World as a Thriving First-Generation American Is Ash Straughn aka Kash – The UBJ

Her business coaching firm, The Kash Code, Inc, has helped scale businesses to exponential levels.

It may take years for people to even realize what their heart seeks and take the necessary steps to do something to achieve. Getting into the entrepreneurial world today is no walk in the park. It may challenge people each day, but the choices they make along the journey helps define them as entrepreneurs. “Strive for your goals, no matter what,” says ace entrepreneur Ash Straughn, aka Kash, who has garnered great success as a first-generation American and thriving entrepreneur. Ash runs a business coaching company, changing the lives of entrepreneurs for the better.

She has created a life and career on her terms. By strengthening her industry skills and enhancing her coaching expertise, Ash has taken her business to the next level and the businesses of others as well. Even with so many guides, books, and other resources around us, not many have ever opted to teach others about how to make massive revenue every year or every month. This is why Ash “Kash” Straughn entered the picture with her business coaching company, The Kash Code, Inc, driven by its aim to help entrepreneurs connect, learn, grow and scale their business.

Born to two immigrant parents, Ash learned about dedication and discipline very early in life. She wanted to do something big in her life. As a teenager, she stepped into the entrepreneurial world and got into purchasing and reselling things on eBay. Her success took her to scale her first dropshipping business. Today, she is an influential personality in the entrepreneurial world who has scaled multiple businesses to millions of dollars in revenue, leading her way to the top both in the startup tech world and as a business operations coach.

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Through The Kash Code, Inc, Ash helps entrepreneurs with business operations coaching and teaches them smart hacks to scale their companies. She created the Mastermind Curriculum for business owners to learn about thriving in their business, engage in weekly accountability sessions, and gain access to other entrepreneurs. Ash Straughn has gained tremendous momentum as an industry expert and coach with becoming a two-time best-selling author. Her book, “From Business Idea to Business Sales in 15 days”, shares the secrets to exploding a brand new business and get their first sale in just over two weeks.

Through her business ideas and coaching, Ash Straughn has stayed at the top of her game in the industry. What makes her stand apart from many others is her unique experience within the startup tech world that has allowed her to learn and utilize tools that the average business owner doesn’t even know exists and teach them the same techniques. She says, “When working with me, they don’t just get a curriculum or a consultation, they get me, and that makes it entirely worth it.”

Helping so many business owners achieve their desired success, Ash Straughn has created a success story all by herself, believing in her dreams and helping others do the same. Follow her company on Instagram @thekashcode and visit the website,



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