Making it to the Anfield Stadium – All You Need to Know about Purchasing Liverpool Tickets

Making it to the Anfield Stadium – All You Need to Know about Purchasing Liverpool Tickets
Anfield – seen from the Main Stand. Wikimedia Commons

Liverpool – once the busiest and the most prominent port during the Empire days is now home to one of the most exciting brands of English football. The city with the age-old maritime history is now the football destination everyone wants to be at. 

The Anfield Stadium – the home of the Liverpool Football Club is regarded as one of the best venues globally and a venue that every football fan needs to watch a match at. 

In this guide, we discover what it means to make it to Liverpool, the historic city filled with rich history, culture and to purchase Liverpool tickets to catch 90 minutes of thrilling football action. 

The Team 

Klopp has been credited for the revival of the club back to winning ways. Wikimedia Commons

Ever since the Jurgen Klopp takeover, Liverpool has been on their way to redeem themselves as an English football heavyweight. Since 2015, Liverpool has enjoyed a successful run, playing a new brand of football. The promotion to the UEFA Champions League was Klopp’s first achievement, and then came Champions League glory in 2018

Klopp’s team ended a seven-year trophy drought, and then in 2019 came Liverpool’s most coveted Premier League title – after winning it last in 1990. The following year, the team finished 3rd and is currently in the same position in the 2021/22 season. 

The hype and the achievements have turned world football’s spotlight on the Liverpool club, and now there’s a massive competition to buy Liverpool tickets. It has become an impossible task to find tickets for critical matches, let alone finding Liverpool tickets cheap. 

The team has a few of the best talents globally, including the Egyptian king Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Virgil Van Dijk and Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson. That’s made the team even more fierce and amplified the Liverpool tickets’ demand. 

Making it to Anfield 

The iconic stadium in Merseyside, England, isn’t too challenging to find, but making it to a game on a matchday can always be tricky. There are several access routes to the ground, and you could make it to the ground via bus, train, car or get dropped off via a taxi. 

Here are a few bits of valuable information that you’ll find helpful. 

By Bus

Lime Street Station – the beginning of the journey. Wikimedia Commons

On matchdays, the 917 route bus will depart St. John’s Lane, opposite the Lime Street Station, and wait to leave from Walton Breck Road after the final whistle. 

From Liverpool City Centre, any fan with a Liverpool ticket could take the 26 or 27 from the Liverpool ONE bus station or 17 from Queens Square Bus Station, and you’ll end up directly at the ground. The 68/168 bus operates between Bootle and Aigburth, and the 14 and 19 buses stop only a short walk away from the ground. 

The 501 football service is another option you could choose that operates directly to Lime Street Station from Walton Breck Road for up to two hours after the final whistle. 

The bus picks up fans at the Church opposite the Kop (the stand). 

By Train 

Lime Street Station is your closest station situated two miles from Anfield. There are plenty of taxis available from the station to the ground, or any Liverpool tickets holder could get a bus from the nearby Queens Square Bus Station. 

By Taxi 

New taxi pick-up points are installed on all major stations and outside the stadium, making it easy for all the fans to reach home safely after the match. Of course, you can call a Uber, but if your Uber’s location is far away, they might take a few more minutes to reach you with the heavy traffic soon after the match. 

There’s also a taxi bus service from St. John’s Lane, Liverpool city centre, direct to Anfield. 

By Car 

Anfield is easily accessible from all major routes, and you won’t have a hard time finding the stadium. If your GPS fails, follow the fans wearing the red shirts, and you’ll be soon looking at Anfield. 

But, making it by car has its disadvantages. While the Centenary Stand (Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand) car park is a massive space, parking can get tough on a match day. Even roadside parking can get complicated, and you’ll be spending more time on the road when you should be inside the ground, getting on with the pre-game rituals. 

The best advice if you plan to come by car is to reach the earliest, or take the train or a taxi. 

 Pro tip: If you are coming from a longer distance in a car to redeem your Liverpool tickets, suggest parking in a spot close to the Liverpool City Centre and commuting via a taxi or the bus to the ground. That should help you enjoy your Liverpool tickets to the fullest. 

Things to do Around the Ground

A Liverpool match day isn’t necessarily the 90 minutes of football alone, and it is all to do with the festivities, the fan support and the camaraderie off the pitch as well. 

If you are making it to watch a match as a home fan, as the team’s motto suggests, “You Never Walk Alone”, – you’ll find hundreds of fans walking alongside you, chanting team cheers and would always be willing to share some banter. 

Even if you are a visiting fan or a complete neutral fan, there’s nothing to worry about being left alone – you’ve already signed up for a good time when you buy Liverpool tickets. 

There’s so much around the stadium to explore before you make it into the stadium for the match. It’s best if you could make it at least 2-3 hours before the game; that would leave enough time for you to get a quick bite, grab a pint and indulge in a complete Liverpool matchday experience. 

Here are 3 things you shouldn’t be missing out on during your matchday trip. 

1. Make it to the pre-match build-up fan zones 

Liverpool pre-match zone. Photo credit: Liverpool FC

 The fan zones open four hours before kick-off and are ideal to meet fellow fans and soak up in Anfield’s unique atmosphere. Consider the fan zones as the appetizer to the main course. 

You will find these fan zones on Anfield Road and Paisley Square. These spaces will have live entertainment, exclusive content aired on the big screens and stalls for refreshments. 

2. Street food kiosks 

Several kiosks serve different types of food available to the fans who make the pilgrimage to the stadium. Anfield itself has several stalls that offer an array of food such as meal deals, burgers, hot dogs and pies. If you are walking the final stretch to the ground, you’ll find several restaurants that serve great food. 

The fan favourites have been HomeBaked Anfield on Oakfield Road and Georgie Porgy Café down on Walton Beck Road. 

But don’t be searching for these two eateries – you’ll be spoilt for choice along the way. 

3. Local Pubs

Your game day rituals will only be complete if you make it to a local pub. The local pubs start operations hours ahead of the game, and it’s always a good time when football fans come together.

The Arkles Pub situated just near Anfield Road and the Sandon, on Walton Breck Road is a lovely atmosphere, and the best thing is that they welcome both home and away fans. 

The iconic Arkles Pub. Photo by Arkles Pub

The Carlsberg Dugout on Anfield Road and The Albert are other great pubs around the locality, situated just a few footsteps away from the Kop. The Albert is a great place to visit – it is filled with LFC memorabilia and other club collectables worldwide. 

Next Up – How to buy Liverpool Tickets 

Now, to the challenging part of the journey – buying Liverpool tickets. Today, the red shirts are one of the most successful teams in English football, and there’s an even higher demand for tickets. 

Hands down, the Anfield Stadium is undoubtedly the best atmosphere a football fan could experience, but with its intensity, securing the tickets aren’t going to be as easy as you think. 

Adding to that, finding Liverpool tickets cheap is always a challenge. 

But thanks to Seatsnet, any fan would now receive the opportunity of making the trip to Anfield. The largest ticketing destination dedicated to sport and music events across the globe, the platform simplifies getting a ticket. 

You will find authorized sellers listing Liverpool tickets for selected matches on the platform. These tickets come from authorized sellers who’ve gone through a series of verifications to ensure their authenticity. 

When you filter out Liverpool, you will see several tickets listed by the authorized sellers. Liverpool tickets are highly competitive – they will be on display for one second, and they’d be gone in the next.

You can buy Liverpool tickets for several matches on the platform, playing in almost all major competitions. 

  • The Premier League
  • The FA Cup
  • The Carabao Cup
  • The UEFA Champions League

The Champions League fixtures and the Premier League game Liverpool tickets are perhaps the toughest ones to get, but with a few searches, you’ll be soon having the perfect match. 

With Seatsnet’s guarantee, the chances are that you’ll get access to any game without any trouble. The goal even with Seatsnet is to always plan early – figure out the dates in which you want to make it to Anfield to avoid disappointment. 

However, if you miss out early, you can keep an eye on the platform since the last moment. Cancellations by existing ticket holders can provide you with the opportunity to get in. 

Pro-tip – for cheap Liverpool tickets, don’t forget to keep returning and regularly checking for vacant seats. On the weekdays, the tickets are less, but that does not mean that you will not get the complete experience

Making it through 

 When you decide to buy Liverpool tickets, you will need to determine where you want to be watching the match. The bottom line is that you will always have a delightful experience wherever you watch, but this guide can help decide the sweet spot. 

There are four main stands at Anfield for you to choose to watch a game from. With a capacity of 54,074, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to sit. 

The ground plan – Anfield Stadium. Photo from Liverpool FC

1. The Kop 

Probably the best Liverpool ticket you could ever buy – every Liverpool fan needs to watch a game at the Kop. There is a total capacity of 13,000; the crowd is Jurgen Klopp’s cheer squad for his celebration ritual. 

If Liverpool ends up scoring in the Kop’s end, we don’t need to explain how electrifying the crowd will be. The effort you put in to buy Liverpool tickets is all going to be worth every single penny. 

2. The Anfield Road End

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the away side or do not want to indulge in the Liverpool festivities as a neutral fan, the lower tier of the Anfield Road End is for you. The stand sits exactly opposite the Kop. 

3. The Main Stand 

The best view of football is at the main stand. The newly built stand has ample seating and keeps you close to all the action. The stand faces the North-West and contains the dugout, tunnel and dressing rooms, and some new executive areas, hospitality, and corporate seating. 

It can hold approximately 20,676 fans.

4. The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand 

The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand is another spectacular stand for enjoying 90 minutes of exciting football. Formerly known as the Centenary Stand, the stand was renamed in honour of Sir Kenny for his contribution as a player, coach, and guardian. 

In case you find a Liverpool ticket cheap for the Kenny Dalglish Stand, by all means, make it to the ground – wherever you may be around the world. 

The Party doesn’t Stop!

The party doesn’t stop at the full-time whistle – it only gets started. If it is a win for the home team, the roads will be filled with people getting back home but in high spirits. 

Vice versa, if there’s an away win, the away fans would be in high tones until they get out of Anfield. If you have more time, spend the night at a wayside pub. The people you’ll meet and the atmosphere there will make you keep coming back.

For every football fan, Anfield is a pilgrimage; for a Liverpool fan, it is an obligation. 

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