Make local weddings great again

Dear Wealthy Lovebirds,

Congratulations on finding each other in the vast sea of potential soulmates. Now, let’s talk about your grand celebration of love. Instead of jetting off to some faraway, exotic location for your wedding and honeymoon, why not consider the charm of a local affair? Do you really need to say ‘I do’ in snow or on golden beaches? Wouldn’t it be nicer to try to travel across roads, airways or rail tracks that would make your destination more of a challenge? (Don’t answer that.)

Picture this: A wonderful location- ideally, a temple, if you are thinking of tax savings- or on a beach, preferably in a suitably dry state. Why travel across the globe when you can have a honeymoon exploring the hidden gems of your own country? And think about the perks: no jetlag, no confusing currency exchanges, and no risk of misplacing the wedding ring in Soho. Plus, your local economy could use a boost. So, dear wealthy couples, let your love bloom not just in the eyes of your significant other, but also in the hearts of your fellow citizens too. Stay fabulous, stay frugal, and let the hometown festivities begin. We live in the 21st century union of soviets. In any case, it’s not as if every Indian couple is rushing off to St Moritz or Machu Picchu to get hitched.

Yours in matrimonial merriment,
An advocate for local love