Major efforts needed to meet new telecom policy goals: DoT Secy Anshu Prakash

New Delhi: Department of Telecommunications (DoT) secretary Anshu Prakash said that the road ahead for the capital intensive telecom sector is full of challenges which require reforms in the telecom policy to achieve futuristic goals of expanding broadband connectivity and enhance India’s ranking in the global ICT Development Index.

“Concerted efforts are a must to achieve the goals and objectives of this (National Digital Communications) policy, provision of broadband for all, enhancing contribution of digital communications in GDP, and employment, increasing our ranking in the global ICT Development Index are some of the challenges that we need to address,” Anshu Prakash, Secretary & Chairman Digital Communications Commission (DCC), Department of Telecommunications said.

He was speaking at an industry webinar hosted to mark 25 years of mobility in India.

Prakash added that we must also prepare to reap the benefits of 5G technology applications across all sectors including health, education, agriculture, disaster management, industry, commerce, etc. “Enhancement of our capabilities and capacities in the core ICT sector must be a focus area,” Prakash said.

“The tower density has to be majorly enhanced, fiber use per capita must increase, towers need to be fiberised, FTTH connections and internet lease line communication should proliferate……The right of way issues require resolution,” Prakash said.

He also lauded the telecom companies for keeping India connected during the Covid-19 lockdown and said networks never failed us despite surge in data consumption.

“Healthcare workers and doctors, law enforcement agencies, essential services, government authorities, among others, were able to deliver effectively due to the voice data and video connectivity enabled by telecommunication networks,” Prakash said.

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