Mail is UK's most-read news brand

New quarterly audience figures have revealed that the Mail is the UK’s most-read news brand, with a monthly reach of nearly 31 million.

The numbers, released by the Published Audience Measurement Company, show the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and MailOnline, for both daily and monthly users across digital and print, are the most-read, with more than 30 million monthly readers, followed closely by The Sun (29.197 million) and The Sun on Sunday (27.178 million).

Among other popular brands, the Daily Mirror and the Sunday Mirror have about 24 million readers each, followed by Metro, London Evening Standard and the Daily Star. Mid-market titles Daily Express and Sunday Express have roughly 20 million monthly readers.

The Guardian is the most-read from the “quality” newspapers, with 25 million readers, followed by The Daily Telegraph (22.7 million) and The Independent (19.5 million). The Scotsman (2.533 million) is the most-read regional title, followed by The Yorkshire Post (1.287 million).

Both the Mail and Sun brands are popular with 15- to 34-year-olds, followed by the Mirror and The Guardian. For over-35s, the quality brands double their monthly readership compared with the younger audience, but the Mail and The Sun remain dominant. 

Households with children also tend to pick up the Mail, Sun and Mirror brands.

Daily Mail editor Geordie Greig said: “That is a testament to our belief that there remains a real desire and appetite for quality journalism and an endorsement from our exceptionally loyal readers who we seek to inspire, guide and challenge every day.”

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