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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) – Love County Fire Departments practiced extrication last weekend using a bunch of wrecked cars.

It’s part of how they stay ready for when an accident happens.

Greenville-Overbrook assistant fire chief Kristopher Kirk said Love County volunteer fire departments have to extract people from vehicles more often than he’d like.

“Since we have a highway and an interstate here, we do it really pretty often,” Kirk said. “We have some head on collisions and side collisions and stuff.”

He said pretty much everyone in FDLC-the organization that helps Love County volunteer fire departments work together- knows how to use glass cutters, window punches, and the jaws of life.

“We call them spreaders,” Kirk said. “And that’s what opens up and spreads a piece of the vehicle open.”

But they’re always trying to improve their skills… especially with upcoming construction on a county bridge.

“We want to kind of get out ahead of that,” Kirk said.

He said the key is efficiency.

“If they’re pinned in the car and they’re bleeding or really badly hurt, we want to get them out as fast as possible,” Kirk said. “And on top of that, the safety of it, our own safety, being on a highway. The faster we can get off that highway and get that patient out of that car, the better.”

So they’re breaking windows, sawing through metal and prying cars apart quickly and safely.

“We have to cover them up,” Kirk said. “And we use our tarps. We could even use our jackets if we have to. To cover that patient up, to keep the glass and stuff off of them. When we’re working on these cars we’re making sharp edges and really razor sharp pieces of the car. So what we do is, we can take duct tape and tape those pieces up.”

The cars were donated by McGehee Wrecker Service.

Love County Fire Departments are made up of volunteers, and they need your help to continue keeping the community safe.

“We are always needing more people, always needing help,” Kirk said. “And it doesn’t matter if you’re able to go into a fire or not. If you’re able to make it to a scene and help us, there’s plenty of things that we can do outside of a scene that will help us in our- to achieve our goals of putting the fire out or rescuing a person.”

Find a way to help by visiting the FDLC Facebook page or signing up here.

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