Lost bank accounts and Premium Bonds can be traced via online tool – 'Worth checking out'

“All you need to do is go to mylostaccount.org.uk to kick off a search.

“Input as many details as you can remember about that account.

“Then it’s a bit of a waiting game I’m afraid. The whole process can take up to three months.

“Now if they reject your claim, you have got the right to appeal but if that doesn’t work out then there’s always the Financial Ombudsman service.”

Commenting on the topic last year, Duncan Stevens, Chief Executive of Gretel, said: “The retail banking sector has seen so much change and transformation in recent years from consolidation through to heightened competition and the emergence of new, challenger brands, and the meteoric rise of digital banking that has just changed the banking landscape forever.

“While this brings many benefits, one impact has been that as more people have switched accounts or opened multiple accounts, this has in part, led to the outcome of more than 10 million bank and building society accounts today sitting dormant and inactive.


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