Looking from the balcony

Sitting in the balcony for a while every day and watching the world go by below is a luxury on two levels: one, you get a balcony’s eye view of the outdoors; two, you maintain a lofty distance to the external world.

Once you step into a balcony, you also remove yourself to a space that’s outside home while being indoors, the ‘Narasimha avatar’ zone where house chores and duties as well as worldly tasks are kept at bay. As you gaze out there yonder, it can take on the appearance of a wide-angled movie, unfolding slow scene by slow scene.

From ‘up here’, you find pleasure in finding the world’s rhythm – cars pass on by, people move about with purpose. Adjoining buildings stand like sentinels, holding within them countless secrets, memories and possibilities. Nature, too, plays its part in this tableau, with colours changing through the day, through the seasons.

From this elevated vantage point, the balcony becomes a portal for contemplation and reflection. You marvel at the interconnectedness of it all, realising that, in this grand mosaic of existence, we are but fleeting participants, mere walker-throughs in the mardi gras of life.


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