Lone Brexiteer silences BBC QT panel with stunning point about ‘enemy’ Jeremy Corbyn

Fiona Bruce hosted the show in Glasgow, Scotland, a city in the Remainer heartlands. The big topic of the evening was Scottish independence with Justice Secretary for the SNP Humza Yousaf and Scottish journalist and broadcaster Angela Haggerty on the panel.

Ms Bruce was also joined by the Conservative candidate for Angus, Kirstene Hair, Labour Shadow International Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner and businessman Iain Anderson.

Another prominent discussion was anti-semitism within the Labour Party.

However, one lone Brexiteer silenced the BBC Question Time panel after saying that the Labour Party has a “huge credibility issue”.

The man said: “I think the Labour Party has a huge credibility issue on its hands.

“It’s rife with anti-semitism.

“It’s the only party aside from the BNP that has been investigated by the equality commission.

“And Jeremy Corbyn, he is a man who invariably sides with the enemies of Britain and he has been a completely ineffective of the Opposition.

“He could have been in power by now, and he clearly has failed at every single opportunity.

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He managed to receive a huge round of applause from the predominantly Scottish audience.

Labour’s Mr Gardiner managed to pick up on the point that the lone Brexiteer made later on.

He said: “The gentleman that said Jeremy Corbyn is an ‘ineffective leader’.

“In fact, this Government has been defeated 47 times under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Opposition.

“Which is more times than any other Government has ever been defeated.

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“So ‘ineffective’ is not the appropriate word.

“You may disagree with his policies, you may disagree with the Labour Party on many fronts.

“But on that, we’ve been an effective opposition.”

Mr Gardiner’s response received no round of applause from the audience.

Next week’s show will be in Brighton – another strong Remain area.



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