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What has glass windows and walls over 260,000 square feet, 116 miles of plumbing pipes, two emergency water supplies, and four generators capable of delivering 10 megawatts of electricity?

A new symbol of “hope,” says supporters. It’s really big.

Much is being spent on the new 16-story, $ 1.5 billion hospital building in Loma Linda, which is scheduled to open on August 8.

The new 268-foot-high Dennis and Carroll Troche Medical Campus will house the Loma Linda University Medical Center and a children’s hospital expansion, making it the second tallest hospital in California. The new structure will also be the second tallest building in San Bernardino County.

With 5,100 concrete trucks and 27,000 tonnes of steel on the floor, it is the heaviest building per square foot in North America, excluding military installations. 126 seismic isolation devices to protect against earthquakes..

Kelly Heinrick, CEO of Loma Linda University Health Hospital, was designed to remain relatively stationary in the event of an earthquake and called this structure an “elegant Sherman tank.”

The new Loma Linda Hospital building was built on the basis of the earthquake protection system under construction in 2017. (File photo: Stan Lim, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

But what Dennis and Carol Troche Medical Campus mean for health care in the region can be even more important.

Loma Linda University Health is known for specializing in complex cases. Baby Feihihi Heart Transplant In the 1980s, “and what this building does is to provide unprecedented functionality,” Heinrich said.

The building rises from the northwest corner of Anderson Street and Burton Road, next to two old hospitals in the provider. It has a five-story pedestal, a nearby children’s facility has been expanded to nine floors, and a new adult hospital has 16 floors.

The new adult facility has 320 licensed beds to replace the old facility Clover leaf-shaped facility built in 1967, Currently has 371 beds. Older buildings that no longer meet state seismic standards for inpatient care become outpatient facilities.

At 7:00 am on August 8th, the Campus Street Emergency Department will be closed and a new Adult and Pediatric Emergency Department on Burton Road will be opened. On that day, the patient will also be moved to a new building.

The Children’s Tower will add 84 beds to the children’s hospital and a total of 364 beds for younger patients.

Seen here on July 24, 2021, Loma Linda’s 16-storey Dennis and Carol Troche Medical Campus is one of the tallest buildings in San Bernardino County. The building, home to the expansion of the Loma Linda Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, will be open to the public on August 8 (Photo courtesy of Jennifer Iyer, Redlands Daily Facts / SCNG).

The largest unit in the hospital is the San Manuel Band on the 5th floor of the Mission Indians Maternity Pavilion.

LLUH and its tribes have a long history dating back to a century when female doctor Lyra George visited appointments to provide childbirth and other care.

Behind Troesh’s $ 100 million donation that helped start financing the project Saint Manuel’s $ 25 Million Gift It was the second largest.

As part of Lomarinda’s largest funding campaign, more than 40,000 donors donated $ 476 million, of which more than $ 225 million went directly to construction costs.

Approximately $ 165 million for the expansion of pediatric facilities came from two state proposals to support pediatric hospitals that voters have passed over the last two decades.

Jeremy Hubbard, an employee of LLUH’s Information Technology Division, said he had donated about $ 5,000 to the project.

“It’s an opportunity to financially contribute to a concrete symbol of our direct impact on our community in terms of providing hope and potentially healing space,” he says. I did.

The 16-story Dennis and Carroll Troche Medical Campus at Loma Linda University Health is under construction on January 25, 2019. This building is one of the tallest buildings in San Bernardino County and one of the tallest hospitals in the state. It will be open to the public on August 8, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Yamanaka, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

Heinrich is proud of two of the things he is most proud of: every room is private and every room has family bedroom furniture.

“It’s part of the healing, so that your loved ones are by your side and you can actually rest a little while they are with you,” Heinrich said.

The new hospital has nearly doubled the number of operating rooms from 11 to 20, two of which are hybrids, combining the functionality of traditional operating rooms with high-tech imaging.

The hybrid operating room allows staff to “image procedures in ways never before possible in hospitals,” Heinrich said. “It dramatically enhances our ability to perform highly complex surgical procedures.”

Each operating room in the new facility is larger than the largest operating room in the current hospital, giving staff the space they need to bring in high-tech equipment. The rooms are also designed for education and provide space for residents and others to observe the procedure.

LLUH currently employs more than 17,000 people, and moving from a 500,000-square-foot hospital to a one-million-square-foot hospital means more workers will be hired.

This building means “new jobs, new career opportunities, more doctors, more nurses,” Heinrich said. “I will hire all the nurses I can get now.”

The shortage of medical professionals Coronavirus pandemic Heinrich said.

Loma Linda’s ‘cutting edge’ 16-story hospital opens next week – Press Enterprise Source link Loma Linda’s ‘cutting edge’ 16-story hospital opens next week – Press Enterprise


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