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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: 11 alternative documents you can use to cast your vote without Voter ID card

The 2024 Lok Sabha General Elections are set to occur in seven phases, beginning on April 19. A voter ID card not only plays a crucial role in the electoral process but also acts as a significant official document for confirming your identity, place of residence, date of birth, and other details.

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Voting is a fundamental right in every democratic society and it’s a responsibility of every citizen to cast his vote. Voter ID is a very important document as it verifies the identity and details of the holder.

General Elections 2024: Shifted residence? How to apply for correction of Voter ID in case of address change

As per the Election Commission of India, citizens are eligible to become voters under the following conditions:

  • Every citizen who is 18 years old on the qualifying date (January 1 of the year in case) unless disqualified, is eligible to be enrolled.
  • Enrollment only at ordinary place of residence.
  • Enrollment only at one place.
  • Overseas Indian deemed to be ordinarily resident at the address given in passport.
  • Service voters deemed to be ordinarily resident at their home address.

Can you vote without the Voter ID?

Voter identification is needed at polling places according to the ECI. You must provide your ECI-issued voter ID card or any other form of authorised identification in order to cast a ballot.
However, you can cast a ballot in an election without a voter ID card, as per the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI). You may vote as long as your name appears on the official voter list.One must verify name is on the Election Commission of India’s official voter list before taking part in the voting process (ECI). It’s crucial to verify this list before you cast your ballot since being on it attests to your eligibility to vote. A voter may use alternative documents mentioned below which are designated by the Election Commission if they do not have a voter ID card.

General Elections: Documents you can use to cast your vote without Voter ID

As per the Election Commission notification dated April 2, 2024, these are alternative documents you can use if you have your name in the voter list but do not have your EPIC or voter ID to establish their identity:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. MNREGA Job Card
  3. Passbooks with photograph issued by Bank/Post Office
  4. Health Insurance Smart Card Issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour
  5. Driving License
  6. PAN Card
  7. Smart Card issued by RGI under NPR
  8. Indian Passport, Pension document with photograph
  9. Service Identity Cards with Photograph issued to employees by Central /State Govt./PSUs/Public Limited Companies
  10. Official Identity Cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs
  11. Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card, M/o Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

How to check voter registration status
You can only vote if your name appears in the Voter List (also known as electoral roll). Verify your name on the list by either:

  • Logging on to
  • Calling the Voter Helpline 1950 (please add your STD code before dialling)
  • SMS space to 1950 (EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identity Card also commonly known as Voter ID card). Example – If your EPIC is 12345678 then sms ECI 12345678 to 1950


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