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Small businesses continue to feel the impact during the COVID 19 Pandemic and startups have been affected the most. Clara Cedeno, is a relatively new business owner for La Patria Cafe.

“It’s been slow and it’s been slightly difficult in terms of getting people to order and getting take out,” Cedeno disclosed. She’s placed her heart, savings and time into the restaurant but now she said, “I probably won’t be able to sustain it really.”

This comes as new rules have been put in place to keep people at home, which Cedeno said slashed profits in half. As a startup owner with previous bumps in the road, she feels helpless.

“It just leaves me feeling like here is another thing another challenge I have to figure out,” she said.

With business hours cut and staff down to just she and her daughter, she continues to ask people to buy from local shops.

“I am doing it all in an effort to keep the doors open,” she admitted.

However, she understands that people who aren’t business owners are going through the motions as well. Some of them laid off too perhaps.

“Every individual or customer that is ordering from us is dealing with their own situation, financial situation,” she said.

Bear Creek restaurant in Brewerton shares similar struggles, yet the owner has great faith in the community.

“We have great customers we’ve been very lucky to have the community we have, they have supported us very well,” Bear Creek Owner Michael Piraino said. His profits are also down by half, and if the shutdown continues he said, “We would do bare-bones we can’t let it go it’s the only income that my family has we would have to do whatever we can to keep it going.”

“You adjust,” said Cedeno, “and I think that is the important thing that we all have to adjust.”

The adjustment time frame at the moment, is unclear but businesses are doing their best to stay afloat especially start-ups.


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