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TUCSON (KVOA) – Facebook has started limiting what DJs can share on their feed even going back to older live streams and deleting them.

One local DJ decided to create a petition in hopes that they will be able to continue live streams.

When COVID-19 shut down large gatherings DJs like DJ Jahmar and DJ-L3XX were left without a gig. So they turned to social media to reach their fans, drawing thousands of people in virtual crowds.

“This has been a relief for a lot of people, it’s been our way that we communicate with our fans, we spread our culture, we spread our love for music and a lot of people really tune in,” said DJ Jahmar.

Jahmar says copyright issues is what is forcing the change, Facebook guidelines that are set to go into effect Otober first say:

“You may not use videos on our products to create a music listening experience… If you use videos on our products to create a music listening experience for yourself or for others, your video will be blocked and your page, profile or group may be deleted. This includes live.”

Facebook did not respond to our request for comment.

Many DJ’s been using the pandemic in a positive way to connect with more fans from around the globe. But if they’re no longer allowed to host live streams, they would have to start over.

“Its affected me because I’ve reached out to a lot of people, I’ve met a lot of people and its kept me relevant when I don’t have a voice anymore because we don’t have a club or a bar or anywhere else we can play,” said Alex Smith, known as DJ L3XX.

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Jahmar has created a petition asking Facebook to offer a paid service for DJ’s to allow them to continue to live stream that you can find here.



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