Lloyd’s of London turns to experts to overhaul culture

Lloyd’s of London has appointed Salesforce UK chief executive Jayne-Anne Gadhia, a former professional basketball player turned psychologist and a mental health expert to help overhaul a working culture dogged by allegations of harassment.

The insurance market was rocked last year by claims that sexual harassment was widespread at Lloyd’s. A survey commissioned by Lloyds revealed that 500 people had witnessed some sort of harassment over the previous year.

In response Lloyd’s unveiled measures including the creation of an advisory group to help it work out how to deal with the problems.

Lloyd’s on Tuesday said the group would be led by Fiona Luck, a board member at the insurance marketplace. As well as Ms Gadhia, it will include John Amaechi, a former US professional basketball player who is now a psychologist, and Brian Dow, the chief executive of Mental Health UK. There are also representatives from Lloyd’s and from insurance industry trade bodies.

The group will meet four times a year, and the participants are being paid for their work. Nine out of the 14 people on the culture advisory group are women.

“I think we’ve created a balanced group,” said Lloyd’s chairman Bruce Carnegie-Brown.

The group will look at four areas that the survey identified as areas for improvement. The first is gender balance, as one in five people who took part in the survey did not believe that people had equal opportunities regardless of gender.

The second is the reluctance of people to speak up when they witness harassment — only 45 per cent of those surveyed said they would be comfortable doing so.

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The other two areas are wellbeing and leadership. A fifth of the people surveyed said that they had seen people turn a blind eye to inappropriate behaviour.

“We wanted a mix of subject matter experts who could provide us with help in these four areas,” said Mr Carnegie-Brown.

Lloyd’s has also set out a new standards of business conduct, and set up what it calls a culture dashboard to help measure progress.

“We’ve got to rerun the survey in the summer. That is the best way to see if we are making progress in the marketplace,” added Mr Carnegie-Brown.



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