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Lloyds Bank issues urgent warning on vicious TV Licence scam – 'click with care!'

The TV licence is paid by many people who want to watch live television in the home, regardless of the channel, and it is currently £159 per year. However, due to the monetary factor involved, unscrupulous scammers are looking to take advantage and rob Britons of their hard earned cash. They are doing so by creating a ruse about TV Licence payments via email in the hopes of duping unsuspecting individuals. 

Con artists will then be able to use the page to scam people into handing over their personal and banking details. 

Evidently, this could be extremely dangerous with devastating consequences for those who fall victim.

People could end up inadvertently parting with hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and may even have their identity stolen.

Targeting anyone with an email account, scammers are clearly casting the net wide for potential victims.

One key warning flag is the spelling and layout of a message, as if this has mistakes or looks odd in any way, a person is always encouraged to delete it.

Similarly, people should always “click with care”. They should only engage with a link or download an attachment if they are sure it is genuine.

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to messages of this kind.

Scams often try to use warnings or threats to get a person to act without thinking, so they should always slow down to consider what is being asked of them.

Lloyds Bank warns people should never move money, make a payment or give personal or banking details for a message that comes out of the blue.

If making a payment which has been checked, details should always be confirmed before money is transferred.

Individuals can call the person or business on a number they trust, rather than one which derives from an invoice or message. 


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