Lindsey Graham Urges Voters to Stop Reading 'Triggered' Twitter, Watch Fox News, 'the Internet' – Newsweek

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham agreed with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief Saturday in accusing Twitter of “censorship,” saying social media companies present “the biggest threat to conservatism” in America.

Graham made several urgent pleas to South Carolina voters to visit his campaign website after pollsters labeled his election against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison a “toss-up” this week. On Friday, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf penned a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey accusing the social media platform’s moderators of being “triggered by a tweet” from Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan. Graham said only Fox News and “the internet” are unbiased in 2020, saying mainstream media is also censoring the Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy.

Graham claimed Saturday morning on Fox News that Twitter believes the DHS is more of a threat than Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran.

“So in America in 2020 we live in a country with a free press that’s an irresponsible, biased press,” Graham said. “Free requires responsibility. Can you imagine if the Hunter Biden story was about a Trump family member? It’d be front page news everywhere. The biggest threat to conservatism is the social media companies censoring information that conservatives put out.”

“There’s other ways to get your news other than the mainstream media, like Fox News, like the internet, this Biden story is going to resonate it is corruption run amok and it’s going to matter come Tuesday,” Graham said of outlets Americans should be reading.

Fox & Friends co-host Jedediah Bila said the Biden story became more about “information suppression,” despite several outlets including NBC News, the Wall Street Journal and even Fox News saying they passed on the story because key documents didn’t connect Hunter or Joe Biden.

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Bila said social media companies are expected to be “a hub of impartial information,” a dubious claim by all accounts.

“Listen to this: the Department of Homeland Security sent out a tweet that the border wall is protecting the country from gangs and drugs and child trafficking…[Twitter] censored his tweet, but they allow the Ayatollah, under the theory of saber rattling, who is talking about destroying the state of Israel,” Graham said, adding that “nobody gives a damn” about the Biden story because they’re Democrats.

Graham said if he and other Republicans are re-elected to Congress, he plans on eliminating Section 230 from the Communications Decency Act, which gives social media companies immunity from liability for material posted by their users.

“In Twitter’s world, the DHS is more threatening to the world than the Ayatollah of Iran. This is ridiculous, this censorship has got to come to an end, and how do you do bring it to an end? Eliminate Section 230 so you can sue these people if they suppress your content. Take their liability protections away, they’re the only people you can’t sue if they wrong you, and that’s going to change.”

President Donald Trump echoed that sentiment at a campaign rally in Newtown, Pennsylvania Saturday, saying, “The tech CEOS should know Section 230 can be taken away.”

Graham repeatedly plugged his campaign website Saturday, saying, “ baby, get it over the line, we’re going to win!” He said his rival Harrison is out-fundraising him with $130 million from “every liberal in the country who hates my guts.”

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Graham pitched his campaign to Fox News viewers, warning of the threat a Democratic majority in the Senate or House would pose to conservatives.

“If we lose the House, the Senate and the White House, people are scared to death we’ll lose the country we grew up in. They [the Democrats] are going to pack the Supreme Court full of liberals, going from nine to some other number, they’ll do away with legislative filibuster, and they’re going to change the Electoral College so New York and California will begin picking the president and South Carolina will be left out.”

Newsweek reached out to Graham’s campaign for additional remarks Saturday afternoon.

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South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham agreed with the Department of Homeland Security chief Saturday in accusing Twitter of “censorship,” saying social media companies present “the biggest threat to conservatism” in America.
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