LG CLOi GuideBot provides information, advertising, and security services using AI tech – Gadget Flow

Keep your customers and guests in the loop with the LG CLOi GuideBot. Preventing the need for staff to cover tasks, this AI gadget informs customers with facility information upon request. It can even escort visitors to their preferred location. This LG robot also provides time and location-based advertising. In particular, synchronize it with an existing signage solution to log in promotions or advertisements based on its location. Moreover, it acts like a security guard, too. Simply set a recording route and schedule for on-site security monitoring. This way, it helps to improve staff productivity thanks to remote monitoring. Additionally, use this smart piece of tech to guide visitors to artworks, provide screen and voice interaction to respond to visitors’ questions, and offer audio-visual commentary. Overall, this robot offers a wide range of skills to assist to visitors, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.


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