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So long to cheap cars 

Brendan Clarey made good points about electric vehicles (“Give me an old clunker over an EV any day,” Sep. 22). Soon there won’t be a cheap used car market that nearly everyone relies on for their first freedom machine. Even a free car will be a burden if a new battery costs $10,000.

This whole EV issue is so poorly thought out that I’m surprised the car companies are going along. They are investing billions in a technology that almost nobody wants, while their trucks and SUVs can’t be built fast enough. If a fraction of that investment went to squeezing more miles per gallon out of those vehicles, the net carbon emissions would be cut significantly.

The fracking that brought about this switch to gas generation and low fuel costs is protested or shut out over ridiculous and fantastical claims of environmental destruction. 

The ideologues are in charge.

Rick Hofsess, Brighton

I won’t replace truck until it dies naturally

This column struck me as common sense. I’m driving an old Dodge Ram 2500 pickup with 328,000 miles. It’s been paid off for years, and I won’t replace it until it dies a natural death. 

In the meantime, I, and my mechanic, take pride in keeping it in tip-top running condition.

My wife and I just got back from a 3,000-mile trip to South Dakota from Michigan with absolutely no issues of a mechanical nature.

Dennis Hansinger, Sterling Heights


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