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Freedom does not exist. Freedom has been stolen through everyone’s passive use of the internet. Freedom is collected and sold from us all by social medias, shopping websites and search engines.

Your freedom to travel, dine, work, play, love, think independently and anything else you take for granted as your own independence is guided by algorithms streaming into your smart phones, laptops, home computers even your modern vehicles gently persuading your decisions and actions.

Your information is fed to the government’s watchdogs who look for catch phrases that can restrict your movements,work and credit. Your every move is watched and cataloged. We are herded much like cattle to the slaughterhouse because what you thought you have, freedom, you have not.

The time to vote is now. Vote to restrict the money mongers from collecting and selling your data. Not just Chinese but all, every entity on the internet, Vote for a free worldwide open internet. Vote to make your internet searches accessible only to whom you allow access to. Reclaim your freedom.

Thomas Cook

Port Charlotte


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